Drupal 8 deploy commands

What to execute when deploy Drupal 8 project

This page will help you to know what to kind of commands that you can put in the list of your deploy commands:

// Install composer required libraries.
composer install
// Import configurations using (sync) or (production) configurations.
// (You have to define these types in $config_directories settings.php).
// drush config-import production
drush config-import sync
// Update locale files.
drush locale-check && drush locale-update && drush cr

These commands below should not be in the deploy commands but you may want to execute them once.
// Sometime you may want to set the site ID using this command so we can import config:
drush cset system.site uuid SITE_UUID_HERE
// In order to make sure to set some of the variables you may want to set some variables
// per environment.
drupal state:override SOME_VARIABLE_NAME
// And the value of this variable will be specifically for a specific environment.

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