My favorite Vim shortcuts
- `daw` delete next string. will delete even with unserscores
- `w` forward word. `b` backward word.
- `df + $CHARACTER` will delete the current line until the typed character. (will delete the $CHARACTER too)
- `dt + $CHARACTER` will delete the current line until before the typed character. (will NOT delete the $CHARACTER)
- `yyp` Duplicate line. `yy` will copy and `p` will paste it in next line.
- `o` Create new empty line in next line and switch to insert mode.
- `dw` Delete spaces until first real character.
- `Shift+c` will delete all next characters until end of line and will switch to insert mode.
- highlight text then `v` then `y` to copy the highlighted text
- to paste into search mode `Ctrl + R + 0` to paste from yanked register
- To paste from system clipboard on PHPStorm `"*p"

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